Visit us at Booth 1003 at the 2015 Annual Meeting of
the American Society of Toxicology,
March 22-26, San Diego, CA.

ImmunoTox, Inc. specializes in studies evaluating the effects of drugs, chemicals, and physical agents on the immune system.

In Vivo and In Vitro studies are carried out in well-equipped laboratories specifically designed for immunotoxicological studies.

ImmunoTox®, will be at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Toxicology
Booth 1003, March 22-26, San Diego, CA

ImmunoTox is Relocating to AIBioTech
Effective February 1, ImmunoTox will re-locate its laboratories and offices to the home facility of AIBioTech, 601 Biotech Dr., North Chesterfield, VA. Our web address remains unchanged, but please call us at 1-844-466-8668 or 1-800-735-9224.

ImmunoTox® Announces Implementation of Human Immunopharmacology Assays
ImmunoTox®, A Division of American International Biotechnology®, LLC, can now assess the impact on the human immune system of your biologic, test agent, or drug. It is often advantageous to understand the impact of a new analyte on the human immune system before extending a drug development program thought later phases of human clinical testing. Furthermore, in vitro testing can help identify the lead compound or the most potentially successful compound of a series. Read More ...

Immunotox®, Inc. is now a division of AIBioTech®. Read about the acquisition...