Immunotox, a division of AIBiotech,LLC


ImmunoTox, Inc. specializes in studies evaluating the effects of drugs, chemicals, and physical agents on the immune system.

In Vivo and In Vitro studies are carried out in well-equipped laboratories specifically designed for immunotoxicological studies.

Immunotox, Inc. is now a division of AIBioTech®. Read about the acquisition.


Vanessa L. Peachee, Ph.D.
Director, ImmunoTox®

  • Laboratory 1 Counter Top Space A
    Laboratory 1 Counter Top Space
  • 1480 MicroBeta TRILUX Station C
    1480 MicroBeta TRILUX Station
  • Beckman Coulter FC 500 Flow Cytometer Station A
    Beckman Coulter FC 500 Flow Cytometer Station
  • Bellco Plaque Viewer B
    Bellco Plaque Viewer
  • Coulter Counter Model Z-1 C
    One of two Coulter Counter Models Z-1
  • DH Autoflow CO2 Air Jacketed Incubator A
    DH Autoflow CO2 Air Jacketed Incubator
  • ELISA Analysis Station F
    ELISA Analysis Station
  • Hemavet Hematology Analyzer D
    Hemavet Hematology Analyzer
  • ImmunoSpot Analyzer C
    ImmunoSpot Analyzer
  • ImmunoSpot Analyzer I
    ImmunoSpot Analyzer
  • Norlake Premier Freezer E
    Norlake Premier Freezer
  • OLYMPUS Culture Microscope B
    OLYMPUS Culture Microscope
  • TOMTEC Harvester D
    TOMTEC Harvester

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ImmunoTox, Inc.
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